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The Biggest Pleated Flyscreen Producer Of Europe

The Biggest Pleated Flyscreen Producer Of Europe

As Europe’s Biggest Pleated Flyscreen Producer, we are Turkey’s window to the world. Erhal Plastik is the leading brand in pleated flyscreen.

It is a pleated flyscreen model known as pleated flyscreen or with another name, pleated mosquito net. It is a wonderful product that can be prepared in a simple way and can include beautiful designs gained with pleated tulle. However, since it has a decorative model group, it is possible to see this type in many places that use flyscreen in our daily life. In addition to being a frequently preferred model throughout the world and in our country, it is possible to use it peacefully in many areas. In places where flyscreen are insufficient or where no solution can be produced, pleated flyscreen are often the preferred element. Compared to the others, the pleated flyscreen model, which is known to be much more economical, provides you with peace of mind both in terms of installation and use.



Today, there are many color options in pleated flyscreen models, which are preferred by many people. It is possible to buy and use the model that suits you. This model is mostly preferred in balconies, places where glass balconies are preferred and areas that open and close to the outside. With this product, which we can use in various places at the same time, it is possible to use as wrought iron or aluminum in louvered exterior joinery. When using flyscreen, self-tapping screws can be used in any area to allow quick and easy installation.

If you wish, our team, which has many years of knowledge and experience in this field, can help you in this regard. At the same time, you can visit our company and tell the details you want directly, and you can choose to get detailed information about the products. You can make the most suitable decision for yourself and leave the assembly to our team. Therefore, you can achieve successful results in a very short time.

Erhal Plastik, Europe’s Biggest Pleated Flyscreen Producer, always works as your solution partner for pleated flyscreen.



The pleated flyscreen model, which is one of the most preferred options among flyscreen models, draws attention with both its aesthetic appearance and functional features. Designed with a simple definition with pleated and sewn tulle material, these products have excellent protective functions such as pleated mosquito nets and foldable products such as accordion mosquito nets. In addition, its slim appearance provides an attractive appearance both indoors and outdoors.

Pleated tulle, which can be combined with products such as flyscreen or flyscreen for sliding doors, is also appreciated by users for its ease of cleaning.

By choosing pleated flyscreen models, which are one of the most preferred alternatives, you can bring the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality to your living spaces. Ventilating your rooms helps prevent flies, insects and other pests from bothering you, while giving you the opportunity to be comfortably protected from other unwanted external factors.



Pleated flyscreen; It has superior protective properties as it allows the tulle stretched on the cover to spread in several layers. These products not only keep flies and insects out, but also prevent large airborne particles from entering indoor spaces.

This flyscreen model, which can be used on windows, doors and balconies, stands out with its durable and robust structures as well as protection. It is now very easy to use pleated flyscreen made of high quality materials and many years of experience. Pleated flyscreen tulle, which can also be used with sliding door flyscreen, magnetic flyscreen or Pimapen flyscreen models, makes rooms look more decorative with different color options both indoors and outdoors.

Europe’s Biggest Pleat Flyscreen Producer, Erhal Plastik, continues its self-sacrificing efforts in order to maintain its position as a world brand in pleated flyscreens.



Pleated flycsreen models, which promise a useful and quality experience, stand out especially with their usefulness. Pleated flyscreen models, made of thick and sturdy tulle, are easily attached to flyscreen profile types and used in different ways. It is suitable for use as a balcony flyscreen or door screen. Pleated flycsreen can be adjusted to open inwards and outwards according to the desired mechanism. Moreover the use of folds in folds and magnetic products provides additional protection against the entry of insects, flies and other pests, making life easier for users. However, pleated flyscreen prices also have economic features. Pleated flyscreen models are at the top of the users’ preference list with their practicality, aesthetic appearance and reasonable price options.



As Erhal Plastik, which makes International Pleated Flyscreen and Material Sales, we are experiencing the justified happiness of being a world brand and making our country proud. We can offer very different pricing in other companies for the sale of pleated flyscreen and materials. We determine our price policy in line with customer satisfaction. We derive our strength from the feedback and positive approaches of our valued customers.



Pleated/Pleat (Accordion) FlyScreen is preferred and loved over other flyscreen models because of its ergonomic structure and beautiful appearance, preventing the entry of animals, insects or debris flying in when the window or door is open. With the increasing effect of global warming and increasing temperatures in our country, flies are now a great danger. Pleated flyscreen models, these pests it is much healthier and more durable than the drugs or chemicals used to keep it out of our homes. Pleated flyscreen offers easier use compared to other flyscreen models, as the flyscreen can be opened and closed in the horizontal or vertical direction. Suitable for all aluminum, PVC joinery or wooden windows. Pleated flyscreen materials are made of 23 mm aluminum box and special fiberglass flyscreen.


Aluminum cases are offered to the buyer with color options. Pleated flyscreen prices are cheaper than other flyscreen models. You can reach us for the price list of pleated flyscreen by calling us or by e-mail. Erhal Plastik is one of the guru sources of our country that carries out International Pleated Flyscreen and Material Sales. With the advantage of our company’s institutionalism and being a pioneer in the sector, we can follow a much more affordable price policy than other companies. You can visit our websites and talk to our customer representatives to find out the prices of pleated flyscreens.



Pleated flyscreen is a novelty in general and a functional and decorative model that stands out with its easy-to-recognize pleated tulle, elegant design and ease of use. It is a flyscreen model that is frequently preferred not only in Turkey but also in all countries of the world, with its adaptability to narrow spaces, stylish design and usage advantages. It has been designed considering the areas where other flyscreen models are insufficient or cannot provide a solution as a working method.

The functional principle of the system has emerged as a perfect model as a result of excellent research and development studies. Pleated flyscreen has become an alternative and solution partner to the sector. It is an ideal product for balcony doors, glass balconies, french balconies, sliding doors and glass balconies. It is designed for opening doors and closing large areas. The way it works is quite fluid and useful, it is the only system in the house where even our naughty little ones will not have any trouble.

Open or closed, it doesn’t take up space, so you don’t have to make room for tables, chairs or objects that may be in front of you. Another advantage is that if for some reason there is not enough space to install flyscreen on your glass window, door or balcony, your solution source is definitely pleated flyscreen. Pleated flyscreen can be used as horizontal, vertical, double and door pleated flyscreen.

Erhal Plastik, which offers International Pleated Flyscreen and Material Sales, continues its perfect services. We produce trouble-free and quality products at every point, from manufacturing to sales, with a team of professionals. Our company, which is focused on one hundred percent customer satisfaction, attaches great importance to your feedback.



If we define the flyscreen in general; It is an effective and environmentally friendly insect repellent that can be applied in different ways to areas of different sizes and sizes with different principles of action, preventing all pest groups from running, flying, crawling and jumping in the area.

Mosquito net is an ecological and easy-to-use product group that protects us and our loved ones from pests, insect-borne germs, bites, itching, anxiety, insomnia and allergies without being exposed to the effects of various pesticides.

The common feature of mosquito net systems is that they are made of aluminum, which is a special and durable oven paint that can be used for many years, color options that perfectly match the area where it is installed, and special mosquito flyscreen. Its distinguishing feature is that aluminum flyscreen profiles and tulle are made in different shapes, sizes and complementary materials according to their working principles and, of course, their quality.

Erhal Plastik, a world brand on Pleated Flyscreen, serves you with its facilities established on an area of 2000 m2 and with its expert designers, engineers and masters. Thinking that design and quality are by no means a coincidence, Erhal Plastik offers quality and aesthetics holistically. You can visit our company’s web page for all your flyscreen needs and learn what you are wondering from our customer representatives.

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