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Fixed Fly Screen Manufacturer in Turkey

Fixed Fly Screen Manufacturer in Turkey

Our products, which have multi-dimensional protection mechanism in special fiberglass mesh and security technology, are prepared by Fixed Fly Screen (Insect Mash) Manufacturer in Turkey with a strong and feather-soft steel mesh originally formed with a wire diameter of only 0.08 mm. The original high-precision and high-strength wire webbing opening diameter/rate can reach more than 10 years and exceed 3-5 industry standards.

A very strong building material is used for mosquito nets. This material is completely PVC free. The advantage of this material over other fabrics is that it can pass more air and light in normal width. It can be used in many different ways such as windows and doors. Fixed Fly Screen (Mosquito Net) Manufacturer products in Turkey are very durable and also require little maintenance as they are resistant to corrosion.

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